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Yahoo! Comes to Ireland (properly)

I bet if I asked Joe Public if they had used Yahoo! recently I wouldn’t get too many positive responses.

Well Yahoo! seems to have decided that we’re worthy of our own little place in the Y! network and we no longer have to visit Yahoo! UK & Ireland to use their services.

And there are a few other really neat features that have been rolled out to Yahoo! Ireland – more inside…

Hands up if you used Yahoo! in the last 48 hours? Dave? Anybody?

Well if you’re here in Ireland then there’s probably a less than 1 in 10 chance you did. I reckon Google likely has a market share approaching 90% of executed searches on our small island.

Yahoo!’s low market share was in large part due to the fact that the world’s second best known search engine long ago decided that Ireland was better tied to the UK – ‘Yahoo! Uk & Ireland’.

No more it appears, and better still – Assisted Search is now available for Ireland:

Yahoo! Ireland with Assisted Search
Yahoo! Ireland with Assisted Search

That’s from an Irish IP. We also seem to have so we can say goodbye to Yahoo! UK & Ireland.

By the way – Assisted Search is a neat feature that gives you some suggestions and related search queries. You can access it from a drop down below the query box. Try it out – Y! nearly always have the nicest UI features, and haven’t let us down with this interface.

Hopefully it wont take long for Yahoo! central to update their International Page:

Yahoo! International Properties
Yahoo! International Sites

Still showing Yahoo! UK & Ireland but when you click through you’re on the UK property which no longer lets you filter ‘results from Ireland’

Great news IMO.

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Your on an ITV IP – I think they see you as being in N. Ireland.

It seems to be heavily geo-targeted, and I was unable to find an easy way to remove my country location. I’m sure there’s a way though.


@AMD – where’s the announcement?

Yahoo! Ireland is now its own separate page at E-mails with a domain are available for free at Yahoo! Ireland allows users to continue to search for Irish and international websites. Focus on Irish news and entertainment plus much more. Check out the new look Yahoo! Ireland logo and website at from September 2009.

The Yahoo! UK website will still serve some pages for Yahoo! Ireland until we complete a full rebrand soon.

Hey Dave

Thanks for that. Interesting. I’ll take a look and maybe write something up. What’s the deal though when you start serving up Bing results?

Thanks for dropping by, rgds

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