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What Google SERP Reload Error Messages Say

For sometime now I’ve noticed some sort of message flashed on my screen when hitting the back button to a Google SERP. It doesn’t happen all the time, but certainly enough to have me wondering exactly what it says. The message normally disappears instantly (you only see it flash), but today one of those messages got stuck:

Google SERP Back Button Error
Google SERP Back Button Error

And the text reads:

An error occurred. This page will be reloaded shortly. Or press the “reload” button now to reload it immediately.

Yep, a piece of useless trivia, but it’s been bugging me for ages to know what the message said. Now to figure out if it’s just me seeing a disproportionate number of these messages or is it more widespread?

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@Nick – this itch has been annoying me for a while now.

@Ollie – this is a Google thing. There page is outputting this error, so it’s not a Windows thing. It appears to happen only in Chrome.

Rgds to both

Maybe a windows TCP/IP glitch..? Does it only happen in Chrome?

Maybe run a registry cleaner, or better still, get a computer with a decent OS (a Mac or install Linux.. :).

Richard there’s a very good free windows registry and system cleaner available at

From experience I’ve found that junk left behind in the windows registry by apps and windows itself can cause all sorts of problems.

Thanks Ollie – I use this app already.

But this isn’t a registry issue. I mentioned above that this is an error output by Chrome/the page (not entirely sure which, but a packet sniffer would answer that – too lazy).

Rgds and thanks for the link

@Richard – Mmmm, Chrome could be trying doing something fancy under the hood when interacting with the Google server. I would definitely try a quick registry clean. If that doesn’t work at least its eliminated from the equation.

Funny you have this mentioned today – I’m having weird problems when searching for a particular phrase.

Each problem is different depending what browser I use, but generally it looks like it can’t get to the page it is requesting. Only happening with “pages from Ireland” search. Could this be a coincidence?

I was developing magento shopping cart and after 4-5 times testing page was showing error like either the server is down or this site has moved permanently.This problem was only with chrome and browser were working perfectly.

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