Search Engines Doesn’t Do Google Chrome

Perhaps the bing developers don’t use Chrome, but here’s an interesting bug that leaves Irish Chrome users stuck with UK results.

Just noticed this. Try going to in Chrome. You’ll be redirected to

Bing Ireland Homepage in Chrome Browser
Bing Ireland Homepage in Chrome Browser

But try searching for something using either “Show all” or “Only from Ireland”. Here’s what happens to me:

Bing Ireland redirects to UK
Bing Ireland redirects to UK

I get redirected onto what looks like UK results. Seems to be a Chrome-specific bug, and it behaves as expected in FF. Interesting all the same, and hopefully Bing will fix this. resized window

Hadn’t noticed before, but while on homepage try resizing the window. Really neat the way they resize the main image area.

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I tried searching for my site as per the above instructions and the results are as expected when clicking on ‘Show all’ or ‘Only from Ireland’. The Only from Ireland option give Irish listings.

Hi Ollie

Still the same for me using Google Chrome. Maybe a cookie issue (I seem to be finding a lot of these right now). Are you trying in Chrome?

Thanks for dropping by

Hmm, works fine for me in Chrome. Might be a screwed up IP address lookup or something?

One thing I love about Bing are the backgrounds though – they have some gorgeous photos.

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