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Search Engine Optimisation a ‘Cutting Edge Job’

Via SeoMoz:

A very interesting article in MSN Careers gives a straight-forward description of what SEO is and refers to SEO as one of four ‘Cutting Edge Jobs’.

Search engine optimizers (SEOs) increase a firm’s Web site traffic by improving its search-engine page rankings. This is an especially important task in today’s Internet-driven world, where many customers first learn of an organization and its products or services through the Web. Because of a shortage of experts in this relatively new area, many top SEOs receive multiple job offers.

SEOs typically supplement their knowledge of how various search engines operate and determine page rankings with strong marketing skills, as well as the ability to communicate effectively and program using HTML. Most are self-taught, learning the trade by researching trends, attending conferences and seminars, participating in discussion forums, and experimenting with their own sites. Courses and certifications in this specialty are being offered by an increasing number of organizations; however, consensus on the value of these programs does not yet exist.

To date Search Engine Optimisation has not had a high profile amongst rank-and-file website owners here in Ireland. I think this will soon change with businesses recognising the very real financial returns that can be generated through SEO activities?

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I was just reading through your archive Richard for something that would help me explain to my girlfriend about SEO. Seems like this one hits the nail on the head. Search engine optimisation and SEOs in Ireland is still up and coming. It’s good that there are a few on the pioneering ship.

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