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SES London – Google Working on ‘Pseudo-Pagerank’

Google are developing a Pseudo Pagerank algorithm that will compute internal pagerank purely from on-site factors. The new algorithm may affect what Google decides to index and how Google processes pages that receive no external pagerank.

It’s an interesting announcement that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else yet.

‘Pseudo Pagerank’

The Meet The Crawlers session included reps from the big 4 search engines (Ask is now as big as Live by many counts).

During the QandA one of the subjects discussed was the supplemental index and Dan Crow of Google made a curious statement. I paraphrase, but basically Google is working on a ‘Psuedo Pagerank’ algorithm that will compute pagerank for pages that do not receive ‘regular’ pagerank.

Dan mentioned that ‘Pseudo Pagerank’ would be an ‘in-site’ pagerank which was computed purely from the on-site factors. He also said that this new algorithm was not yet live.

To give some further context on this, Dan was commenting on how Google decides what to index, and how this ‘pseudo pagerank’ might be used as a proxy for regular pagerank. In essence, pages that were previously overlooked or supped may in future make it into the primary index.

Perhaps this is well known, but I personally hadn’t heard anything about ‘Psuedo Pagerank’ until Dan Crowe made reference to it in that session.

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