Just when you thought GA referrer spam was bad

Now we have GA Event Spam:

Event Category: to use this feature visit: EVENT-TRACKING.COM
Event Action: to use this feature visit:
Event Label: to use this feature visit:

What pricks.

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14 replies on “Just when you thought GA referrer spam was bad”

yes, and i have to say we are getting lots of DIRECT traffic with (not set) as page title, which got me thinking what's wrong on our site, but that's referral spam which lands on the site and GA has no time to gather the page title, so yet another filter if you manage to find common ground such as hostname or whatever else.

Otherwise filter with "include only" as someone suggested but i feel you might miss on something..

oh well, what we can do is to use the "Send Feedback" for GA (at the bottom) and report this on the forums.

Finally, what GA should do perhaps is to have some sort of authentication. did you guys know you can use someone else's GA tracking code and inflate numbers? that's right.

spam appearing in app analytics also which is a problem because in app analytics no hostname is specified..

ARGG – this is getting ridiculous…

1. Google for crying out loud do something or I WILL find another solution for my clients.

2. What Toni said…. “Stop. Messing. Up. My. data. I. Will. Not. Buy. From. You. FFS.”

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